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Danae Moore has been pursuing yoga her whole life — though she didn't know that's what it was called. She now lives in Menlo Park and teaches public and private yoga classes across the San Francisco Bay Area.



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Introducing 2 New Classes: Yin and Flow/Yin

Danae Moore

 am happy to announce 2 new classes starting at Avalon this week — and at much more appealing times than my Sunrise Yoga classes :)

New Class: Slow Flow & Yin Yoga 

Fridays, 5:30-7 pm at Avalon Art & Yoga Center, Palo Alto

This class begins with 45 minutes of slow flow (similar to my other afternoon/evening classes but a little slower and gentler) followed by 45 minutes of yin-style stretching. My goal is to help you loosen up the body and de-stress the mind after a long week at work. This class is also a nice way to break into yin yoga if you have never tried it before.

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Another Mixed Styles class is coming your way!

Danae Moore

I'm excited to announce that starting next week I will be teaching a Mixed Styles: Flow and Restorative class on Tuesdays at 11:15am at Avalon Art & Yoga in Palo Alto.

The first 45 minutes will be a moderate flow and the second 45 mins will be dedicated to restorative poses. This is a great structure for a class for a few reasons:

  1. Many of us active folks have a hard time quieting our minds in a restorative class. One of the ways we can help ourselves is by doing an active yoga practice to burn off extra energy before settling down into restorative poses.
  2. You're getting more for your time with two practices in one — both a physically active, strengthening practice and a quiet, stress-reducing practice.
  3. This class is all about balance — and who among us can claim that we don't need more balance in our lives? In this class we balance health of body with health of mind, yang energy with yin energy, and challenge with acceptance.

I'd love to see you there! Namaste.